Tuesday, April 30, 2013

♥ Coffee Love ♥

Brazil is by far the world's largest coffee exporter, so you can bet our coffee is great!

I know you will have a chance to try some in your hotel, but when you are out there enjoy sitting in our coffee shops to appreciate this awesome beverage. If your hotel doesn’t offer breakfast, don’t worry, the bakeries (padarias) are perfect places to enjoy an excellent breakfast and brunch.

Café Colonial Bela Vista - Gramado RS
Café Colonial: This is a German tradition brought to Brazil that became very popular over the years. In the afternoon the table is set with a large variety of bread, cakes, pies, waffles, coffee, fruits, yogurt, jam, cheese and so on. I highly recommend!

By Marcelo Cabral
Brazilian coffee is stronger and darker than Colombian, the most common methods of preparing it is: boiling, filtering or pressure (espresso).

Here the coffee is served black in a small cup, what we call cafezinho. If you want coffee and milk, large, you better specify it all. You can even speak in the italian way: capuccino, machiatto... but the Brazilian version of cappuccino has cocoa in it.
\It is not usual to add cream to the coffee here, as well as drinking flavored coffee but you can always ask. Some places have hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate flavored coffee.

For those who like brands, here are some franchises you will find:
  • Café do Ponto: located in almost every host city, you can also buy their ground coffee and take home with you.
  • Casa do Pão de Queijo: besides regular coffee you will also find flavored coffee. Don't forget to order the traditional pão de queijo (cheese bread) or any of their pastries.
  • Amor aos Pedaços: when you order a coffee it comes with a delicious brigadeiro, a Brazilian candy made of condensed milk and chocolate, very commonly made for birthday parties. They also make many kinds of pastries and cake.
  • Kopenhagen: they are specialized in chocolate, there are more than 300 stores in the country. Take your time, enjoy your coffee and buy chocolate to the loved ones.

*There are Starbucks in Rio and São Paulo as well, usually they are located in malls, and they have free Wi-Fi.

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