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Host Cities and Stadiums

On today’s post I will give you some basic information about the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Here is a list of the host cities, the state where they are located and the name of the stadium where the games will take place. Later on I will list the first games in each stadium so you can start planning the trip of a lifetime. The event will take place from June 12th to July 13th, 2014. Some cities will also host the Confederations Cup from June 15th to 30th, 2013.
There will be 12 host cities where you can watch the games:

Manaus (Amazonas)
Arena Amazonia
An urban place in the middle of the jungle, Manaus has over 2 milion inhabitants. This city is located right where the rivers Negro and Solimões meet forming a beautiful sight; the brown muddy water of Solimões meet the black waters of Negro without mixing. The picture shows the beautiful Teatro Amazonas, that houses the annual Amazonas Opera and Jazz Festival. When visiting Manaus have in mind visiting the rainforest, going fishing, and buying crafts from the natives. 
Cuiabá (Mato Grosso) 
Arena Pantanal
Cuiabá is located right in the center of South America; 2,000 miles from either coast. It is surrounded by three ecosystems: Pantanal, Cerrado and Amazon. The picture shows the Chapada dos Guimarães, a national park and archeological site, a must-see. The stadium Arena Pantanal was specially built for this World Cup and sustainability has been a major consideration, the stadium earned the nickname "The Big Green".

Brasilia (Federal District) 
Estádio Nacional
Welcome to Brazil's capital! Before landing, look from above and you will see something curious, Brasilia, built in 1960, has the shape of an airplane. We could say that Brasilia is an outdoor gallery; if you like contemporary architecture, have your camera ready, this city achieved UNESCO World Heritage status thanks to  the architects Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio Costa, Burle Marx and Athos Bulcão. Some of the must-sees are: Praça dos Tres Poderes, Palacio do Planalto and the Metropolitana Cathedral. 

Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul)
Estádio Beira-Rio
Porto Alegre is different from everything you have heard about this tropical country, the city was the main destination of immigrants coming from Portugal, Italy, Germany and Poland. Besides that, the state of Rio Grande do Sul is border with Uruguay and Argentina. When you arrive here in June and July it will be cold, so you can enjoy the restaurants, good wine and the typical churrasco gaúcho, well known world-wide. I will also suggest few other places where you should go, such as a winery tour in Bento Gonçalves. And the charming cities of Canela and Gramado.

Curitiba (Paraná) 
Arena da Baixada
This modern city has one the best welfare and quality life of the country. The picture on the side shows the Botanical Garden, a place you can't miss. In June and July the city tends to be chilly, perfect to visit the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, enjoy nice restaurants and stop at Café do Paço for a hot chocolate. You can also spend a day in a train tour in through Serra do Mar. The Arena da Baixadhas been considered one of the most modern and best-appointed stadiums in Brazil.

Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) 
Estádio Mineirão
Known as "Bay-Agah,"(BH in Portuguese), this city is the capital of Minas Gerais. Has over 2.3 million residents and a careful urban planning. Take time to enjoy the city like a local, make a stop for an espresso with pão de queijo (typical cheese bread) and head to Mercado Central. There you can buy everything, there are over 450 tents where you should test your bargain skills!  The stadium Mineirão is ready and beautiful to host 3 games during the Confederations Cup and 6 games during the World Cup.

Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro)
Blog Marcelo D2
Rio is the city that gets the most hype. Maybe it's because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, maybe it is because of the carnival, or because of the Maracanã, the beautiful bodies, the Girl from Ipanema... oh, Rio... so much to see, so much to do... you know what, let me prepare a special post about this Marvelous City and I will tell you everything about it! Grab your coconut milk and enjoy!
Click here to know about hospitality, restaurants...

São Paulo (São Paulo)
Arena de São Paulo
Getty Images
This is one of the largest cities in the world and one of the most populated, with over 11 million residents. São Paulo attract basically the business tourism and is the most ethnical diverse city in Brazil. Here you find almost everything, I mean, you won't find beaches. But the best museums, restaurants, night life you find here. São Paulo is modern, luxurious, rich, cosmopolitan, and unique. But plan your trip before arriving here. I will help you!

Salvador (Bahia)
Arena Fonte Nova
The locals say Salvador is a synonymous of joy, happiness, proud and, magic. This was the first urban area set in Brazil by the Portuguese and became the main pole for slave trade in South America. You will witness a strong African influence in the culture, watch capoeira, visit the churches, don't leave without trying acarajé and without visiting the Pelourinho, elevator Lacerda and Mercado Modelo. I forgot to mention, Salvador has amazing beaches as well!

Recife (Pernambuco)
Arena Pernambuco
With so much to see I hope you don't forget to watch the soccer match! Recife will host both the Confederations and World Cup.
Here you will see the perfect blend of urban architecture and the tropical beaches. Learn how to dance frevo if you can with the colored umbrellas. Don't miss the Praia de Boa Viagem, the ceramics, the city of Olinda a charming beach town designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Porto de Galinhas if you can spend few days in paradise.

Natal (Rio Grande do Norte)
Estádio das Dunas
By Ricardo Lima
Every year Natal receives over 1,7 million tourists looking for beautiful beaches of blue ocean and soft light sand, good food and of course, sunshine. In this tropical city there are about 300 sunny days a year. It doesn't matter if you have 1 day or 5, we invite you to Ponta Negra, Vila Costeira and so many more beaches where you can enjoy life and thank God for this blessed place on Earth!    

Fortaleza (Ceará)
Estádio Castelão
By Jarbas Oliveira
Forget diet! Before and after the matches you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, eat fresh crabs, fish, have some drinks by the shore, look around the craft fair and nap before enjoying the night life.
This is a place where you can see how people can be so happy and live in such a good mood all year long. Just don't forget your hat and sunscreen.

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