Sunday, July 13, 2014

World Cup Finals

⭐️⭐️ Deutschland ⭐️⭐️
 2014 World Cup Champions

Deutschland - 2014 World Cup Champions

The German team deserved this title because they were warriors since the very first game against Portugal, they showed the whole world the importance of being a real team and playing together, as a team should. They were the friendliest nation that arrived in Brazil for this World Cup. They were simply amazing!

This is the text that is around on the internet, I don’t know who put these information together, but they are the beautiful truth:

So, 6 months ago the German arrived and:

  • Bought a land
  • Built a hotel
  • Built a health centre
  • Made a football field
  • Built a road to connect the training complex
  • They didn’t bring German staff, they hired the locals
Later on the German Team arrived and:
  • While not training, they were socializing with the locals in the city and at the beach (there are 900 residents at the remote Brazilian fishing village of Santo Andre, Bahia.)
  • They also socialized with the indigenous people
  • They put on the local team’s jersey (Bahia)
About the victory against Brazil:
  • They made an agreement during the half time to slow down, to avoid humiliating the host nation
  • They said their idols in the past were former Brazilian players
  • They were sorry for the heavy defeat
  • They posted on social networks many words of incentive to the Brazilian population in general, being thankful for the kindness.
And they are leaving everything they built to the population of that city.
Is it possible not to cheer to these guys?

Lukas Podolski playing with an indigenous boy in Bahia
The German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer also won as the best goalkeeper of the 2014 World Cup. "He has proven at this World Cup that he is currently the world's best goalkeeper," said Oliver Kahn, who captained Germany to their 2002 World Cup final defeat against Brazil. 

And the Argentinian Lionel Messi has won the Golden Ball trophy. He was chosen the best player of the 2014 World Cup. 
Messi has won the Ballon d'Or FIFA as the best player in Europe 4 times in a row (2009, 2010, 2011 e 2012).

And that's how I finish writing my first blog. I want to thank everyone who has read at least one of my 94 posts. I had lot of fun, I've learned a lot and am very satisfied with the result. Many people from all over the world have written emails thanking me for the posts and it means a lot to me.

Thank you so much!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quarter Finals Amazing Games

Hello dear readers,

Okay... I think I don't have much to talk about.
The news are everywhere and there is little left for me to say.

You all know I'm Brazilian, therefore that result against Germany wasn't very pleasant at all... c'mon! 7 x 1?

Germany celebrates their amazing victory

Dear Germans, you did play very well during the whole WC, you guys were surprisingly friendly with our people, thank you so much! You deserve being in the finals! What a nation! We all admire your country and how much your people are willing to do and be the best.

The end of their dream
The other game was GOOD!

Romero defeats Holland's penalty 

That was a very hard game, both teams played very well... for that reason nobody scored at all, not even in the extra-time... 
The game went to penaltis and there, the Argentinian goalkeeper, Romero, showed us that he really wants their third title to be conquered in Brazil!

Holland disappointed after loosing the game against Argentina

So we have Brazil playing against Holland on Saturday and the great final will be:

Germany x Argentina
on Sunday
at Maracanã
Rio de Janeiro

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Round of 16 - Results

Everybody agrees that every single game of the Round of 16 was very hard!

All the 16 teams played to win, played with their hearts, loosing wasn't an option.

They all deserve respect and consideration. Football is improving all over the world, we saw teams considered big leaving the competition early and we saw the raise of those considered small. Football is changing!

There is no ordinary team anymore. We are all competitive. So far there were 153 goals in this World Cup, average of 2.73 goals per game.

Congrats to all of you!

Congrats Chile, Uruguay you were brave!
Thank you for fighting so hard Mexico, Algeria, Nigeria!
You guys showed the world football is also well played in Greece, Switzerland and also in the USA (soccer).

Thank You!!!

Costa Rica

Now, beginning on Friday we will have those who survived to the end.

Germany x Algeria

Costa Rica... you are amazing! You fought Italy, England and Uruguay. That's why you are among the best 8 teams.
Colombia, Argentina and Brazil representing South America very well.
Belgium played very very well and deserves to be here.
And of course we have the giants France, Germany and Netherlands.

France x Nigeria

What a World Cup!

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Brazilians Who Cheer For Holland!


This is the name of the small city colonized by Dutch located in São Paulo state who cheers for Holland!
The name is a combination of Holland + America + Brazil = Holambra

Holambra - SP - Brazil

The economy of the city is based on production and commerce of flowers, by the way, they are the biggest producers of Latin America!
Every year the city receives thousands of tourists who come attracted by this commerce.

People from Holambra celebrating one of Holland's victory

Because of the World Cup the city has been decorated in green and yellow but also in orange. It is very interesting to observe who much people are proud of their heritage. Of course many of them also cheer for Brazil, but there are many Holland fans there!

The City Hall offers a big screen on a specific place for the football fans watch the games, around 400 people get together to watch either Brazil or the Netherlands.

Holambra decorated for the 2014 World Cup 

After today's game I'm sure the city is cheerful!
Mexico played very well, Ochoa was great, but the Netherlands turned ir around and is going to the quarter finals.

Holambra decorated for the 2014 World Cup

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Round of 16: Saturday


There is a lot going on and still a lot to happen!

The first match of the day was between Brazil and Chile. Both teams played well, it was a hard game... and it ended on penalties.

Brazil beat Chile and is going to the quarter-finals.

The team Brazil celebrates their victory with Julio Cesar

The second game was between Uruguay and Colombia.
Colombia played better this time (2 x 0) and is confronting Brazil on the quarter-finals!

James Rodriguez scored both goals for Colombia. Good Job!
Tomorrow we have hot games!

Holland x Mexico

Costa Rica x Greece


Friday, June 27, 2014

Round of 16


Yesterday we finished defining the groups H and G.

Germany celebrates scoring

We had Portugal 2 x 1 Ghana
USA 0 x 1 Germany
Korea Republic 0 x 1 Belgium
Algeria 1 x 1 Russia

Team USA

The Team USA was very festive, cheering a lot and showing love for their team... they lost the game but, still, are classified! They play against Belgium on July 1st.

The other teams that also classified are Algeria and Belgium.

Here are all the teams classified with dates:


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Groups E & F Defined

Many goals, fast goals... this World Cup is so amazing!

On Argentina x Nigeria, Messi scored at 3' after the first kick... while the Argentinians were still celebrating Musa scored the first for Nigeria... then another from Messi, another from Musa... and then came Mojo to score the third for Argentina.

Argentina classified in first place

Both teams are classified.
Bosnia and Herzegovina are out, and also Iran.

Musa scored 2 goals for Nigeria against Argentina

Another fast and beautiful goal came from Shaquiri, he scored at 6' of the first half and then 3 more to make Switzerland 3 x 0 Honduras.

Shaqiri scored all the 3 goals for Switzerland

The other game was France 0 x 0 Ecuador - Result that favors France, which is then in first place of Group ESwitzerland is also going to Round of 16.

Congrats guys! Good job.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Groups C and D Defined


Today one more big nation leaves the World Cup! Four times champions Italy looses to Uruguay 1 x o. Both teams played hard, the game was good.
We had a red card for Italy and a suppose bite of Luiz Suárez in Chiellini.

Uruguay classifies!

Costa Rica and England ended up with no goals... so the results for Group D is:

Costa Rica first place with 7 points and Uruguay second with 6 points.

Keylor Navas helps Costa Rica to classify in first place for Group D

Besides Italy, England is the other surprise that is leaving the competition.

Seems to me that the whole planet learned how to play football!

Greece wins 2 x 1 over Côte d'Ivoire and is in second place on Group C

Now... Group C
Congrats Colombia! First place 
Congrats Greece! Second place

James Rodriguez scores for Colombia. 

Colombia 4 x 1 Japan

Next round Colombia plays against Uruguay and
Costa Rica plays agains Greece

Tomorrow we have:

13h - Group F
Porto Alegre
Nigeria x Argentina

Bosnia and Herzegovina x Iran

17h - Group E
Honduras x Switzerland

Rio de Janeiro
Ecuador x France

Monday, June 23, 2014

Groups A & B Defined

Hello! Hello!

Decision day for Groups A and B.

Netherlands won over Chile 2 x 0 and is the head of Group B.
Australia and Spain also played, 3 x 0 to La Roja, but both teams are heading home.

Memphis score for Netherlands

Mexico will meet Netherlands on Round of 16. They won over Croatia 3 x 1, finished with 7 points, same as Brazil who won over Cameroon on a hard game 4 x 1

Rafael Marquez scores for Mexico

Because Brazil wins in goal difference, they play against Chile on Round of 16. Chile is in second place on Group B.

Joga Bonito - Neymar scores twice for Brazil

Tomorrow Groups C and D will be also defined.

Prince Harry watches Brazil playing in Brasilia
Italy x Uruguay

Belo Horizonte
Costa Rica x England

Japan x Colombia

Greece x Côte d'Ivoire

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Players and Clubs

Hello everyone!

Are you wondering in what clubs all those players play?
I was! So I decided to list them here. I wrote their names, nationality and position. Here they are:

1. FC Bayern Muenchen - 14 players, 7 of them are from Germany:
  • Neuer (GER) - goalkeeper
  • Boateng (GER) - defender
  • Schweinsteiger (GER) midfielder
    Robben - FC Beyern Muenchen
  • Lahm (GER) - midfielder
  • Kroos (GER) - midfielder
  • Müller (GER) - midfielder
  • Götze (GER) - forward
  • Dante (BRA) - defender
  • Van Buyten (BEL) - defender
  • Javi Matínez (ESP) - midfielder
  • Green (USA) - midfielder
  • Shaqiri (SUI) - midfielder
  • Robben (NED) - forward
  • Mandžukić (CRO) - forward

2. Manchester United - 14 players
V. Persie - Manchester United

  • De Gea (ESP) - goalkeeper
  • Evra (FRA) - defender
  • Smalling (ENG) - defender
  • Jones (ENG) - defender
  • Fellani (BEL) - midfielder
  • A. Valencia (ECU) - midfielder
  • Januzaj (BEL) - midfielder
  • V. Persie (NED) - forward
  • Rooney (ENG) - forward
  • Kagawa (JPN) - forward
  • Welbeck (ENG) - forward
  • Mata (ESP) - forward
  • J. Hernandez (MEX) - forward
  • Nani (POR) - forward

3. FC Barcelona - 13 players
Alexis Sanches - FC Barcelona

  • Daniel Alves (BRA) - defender
  • Piqué (ESP) - defender
  • Jordi Alba (ESP) - defender
  • Song. A (CMR) - midfielder
  • A. Iniesta (ESP) - midfielder
  • Xavi (ESP) - midfielder
  • Fábregas (ESP) - midfielder
  • Mascherano (ARG) - midfielder
  • Sergio Busquets (ESP) - midfielder
  • Alexis Sanches (CHI) - forward
  • Messi (ARG) - forward
  • Neymar (BRA) - forward
  • Pedro Rodriguez (ESP) - forward

Other famous players from well-known teams:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday, June 18th - Games Results

What a World Cup!

After losing to Chile 2 x 0 Spain is eliminated from the World Cup on group stage at Maracanã.

Spain is eliminated from the World Cup

Cameroon was also eliminated by Croatia, 4 x 0.

Netherlands won over Australia - 3 x 2 

Robben scoring the first goal of the match

Thursday's Games:

13h from Brasilia
Colombia x Côte d'Ivoire

16h from São Paulo
Uruguay x England

19h from Natal
Japan x Greece

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday, June 17th - Games Results

If for any reason you couldn't watch Brazil x Mexico... well, you missed a very good game, even though if ended scoreless.

The game really began with both national anthems being sung in unison , we couldn't decide which nation was more passioned, then the game began... both teams played hard, they wanted this victory so bad, there were many chances of goals... but this guy was there:
Guillermo Ochoa

"Hero", "unbelievable", "series of outstanding saves"... these are some of the adjectives given to this 28 year old Mexican goalkeeper.
Even he admits that this was the best performance of his career. Even the Brazilians are complementing him. Today the world look to him with better eyes!

Guillermo Ochoa defeats Mexico against Brazil and is the Man of the Match

This afternoon we also had Belgium 2 x 1 Algeria and Russia 1 x 1 Korea Republic.
Korean K H Lee scored one of the most beautiful goals so far in this competition.

Tomorrow we have:

13h from Porto Alegre
Australia x Holland

16h from Rio de Janeiro
Spain x Chile

18h from Manaus
Cameroon x Croatia

Fernanda Lima cheering for Brazil with her family in Fortaleza

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, June 16th - Games Results

Well, well...

This is definitely not an ordinary World Cup... we are having lots of surprises lately...
FIFA President Joseph Blatter and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

My first big surprise of the day was the pleasure of seeing the German Chancellor Angela Merkel watching the match this afternoon in the Fonte Nova Stadium.
The second you may know already... 

Germany played beautifully and won the game with a 4 x 0 over the Lusitanians. Thomas Müller was the man of the match scoring 3 goals. Hummels scored the other one.

Thomas Mueller celebrates scoring his team's fourth goal

The Ballon d'Or Cristiano Ronaldo tried to take control over the game but the rest of the team didn't help much... oh, well... 

Group F brought the first 0 x 0 of this World Cup with Iran and Nigeria

The American forward Dempsey was Fast and Furious, he scored at the first minute of the first half! Wow!
And Joe Biden was there to cheer!

Clint Dempsey scores the fastest goal of this World Cup

The game ended 2 x 1 to The Yanks.

 Tomorrow we have:

13h from Belo Horizonte
Belgium x Algeria

16h from Fortaleza
Brazil x Mexico

19h from Cuiabá (18h local time)
Russia x Korea Republic

The American Vice-President Joe Biden watches The US win over Ghana

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15th - Games Results


Did you all have a good weekend? 

Yesterday Côte d'Ivoire won the game against Japan, 2 x 1.

Today Switzerland scored 2 x 1 Ecuador, playing in the national capital, Brasilia. The victory came at the end of the 2nd half with Seferović.
France did very well on their first game of this World Cup. They couldn't count on Ribéry for this World Cup but Benzema was there! They beat Honduras 3 x 0.   

Welcome to the World Cup Bosnia and Herzegovina! Welcome to Brazil!
Playing in Rio the Argentinians had to wait until the end of the game to celebrate. The European rookies played very well... 2 x 1 isn't a comfortable score. But Messi scored and now let this World Cup begin!

We are still missing the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, and the whole Germany Squad! Tomorrow they will give us something fun to do!

Monday Games:

13h from Salvador

16h from Curitiba

19h from Natal

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday, June 14th - Games Results

Today we had 4 games, and here are the results:

Pirlo helps Italy win against England in Manaus

Colombia wins their first game in this WC

Group C
Colombia 3 x 0 Greece 

Group D
Uruguay 1 x 3 Costa Rica
Costa Rica celebrates victory
England 1 x 2 Italy

Later, at 22h we will have Côte d'Ivoire x Japan

Tomorrow, Sunday we will have:

13h from Brasilia
Switzerland x Ecuador

16h from Porto Alegre
France x Honduras

19h from Rio de Janeiro
Argentina x Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maracanã - Rio de Janeiro