Monday, June 23, 2014

Groups A & B Defined

Hello! Hello!

Decision day for Groups A and B.

Netherlands won over Chile 2 x 0 and is the head of Group B.
Australia and Spain also played, 3 x 0 to La Roja, but both teams are heading home.

Memphis score for Netherlands

Mexico will meet Netherlands on Round of 16. They won over Croatia 3 x 1, finished with 7 points, same as Brazil who won over Cameroon on a hard game 4 x 1

Rafael Marquez scores for Mexico

Because Brazil wins in goal difference, they play against Chile on Round of 16. Chile is in second place on Group B.

Joga Bonito - Neymar scores twice for Brazil

Tomorrow Groups C and D will be also defined.

Prince Harry watches Brazil playing in Brasilia
Italy x Uruguay

Belo Horizonte
Costa Rica x England

Japan x Colombia

Greece x Côte d'Ivoire

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