Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Groups E & F Defined

Many goals, fast goals... this World Cup is so amazing!

On Argentina x Nigeria, Messi scored at 3' after the first kick... while the Argentinians were still celebrating Musa scored the first for Nigeria... then another from Messi, another from Musa... and then came Mojo to score the third for Argentina.

Argentina classified in first place

Both teams are classified.
Bosnia and Herzegovina are out, and also Iran.

Musa scored 2 goals for Nigeria against Argentina

Another fast and beautiful goal came from Shaquiri, he scored at 6' of the first half and then 3 more to make Switzerland 3 x 0 Honduras.

Shaqiri scored all the 3 goals for Switzerland

The other game was France 0 x 0 Ecuador - Result that favors France, which is then in first place of Group ESwitzerland is also going to Round of 16.

Congrats guys! Good job.

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