Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15th - Games Results


Did you all have a good weekend? 

Yesterday Côte d'Ivoire won the game against Japan, 2 x 1.

Today Switzerland scored 2 x 1 Ecuador, playing in the national capital, Brasilia. The victory came at the end of the 2nd half with Seferović.
France did very well on their first game of this World Cup. They couldn't count on Ribéry for this World Cup but Benzema was there! They beat Honduras 3 x 0.   

Welcome to the World Cup Bosnia and Herzegovina! Welcome to Brazil!
Playing in Rio the Argentinians had to wait until the end of the game to celebrate. The European rookies played very well... 2 x 1 isn't a comfortable score. But Messi scored and now let this World Cup begin!

We are still missing the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, and the whole Germany Squad! Tomorrow they will give us something fun to do!

Monday Games:

13h from Salvador

16h from Curitiba

19h from Natal

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