Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday, June 17th - Games Results

If for any reason you couldn't watch Brazil x Mexico... well, you missed a very good game, even though if ended scoreless.

The game really began with both national anthems being sung in unison , we couldn't decide which nation was more passioned, then the game began... both teams played hard, they wanted this victory so bad, there were many chances of goals... but this guy was there:
Guillermo Ochoa

"Hero", "unbelievable", "series of outstanding saves"... these are some of the adjectives given to this 28 year old Mexican goalkeeper.
Even he admits that this was the best performance of his career. Even the Brazilians are complementing him. Today the world look to him with better eyes!

Guillermo Ochoa defeats Mexico against Brazil and is the Man of the Match

This afternoon we also had Belgium 2 x 1 Algeria and Russia 1 x 1 Korea Republic.
Korean K H Lee scored one of the most beautiful goals so far in this competition.

Tomorrow we have:

13h from Porto Alegre
Australia x Holland

16h from Rio de Janeiro
Spain x Chile

18h from Manaus
Cameroon x Croatia

Fernanda Lima cheering for Brazil with her family in Fortaleza


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