Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Brazilians Who Cheer For Holland!


This is the name of the small city colonized by Dutch located in São Paulo state who cheers for Holland!
The name is a combination of Holland + America + Brazil = Holambra

Holambra - SP - Brazil

The economy of the city is based on production and commerce of flowers, by the way, they are the biggest producers of Latin America!
Every year the city receives thousands of tourists who come attracted by this commerce.

People from Holambra celebrating one of Holland's victory

Because of the World Cup the city has been decorated in green and yellow but also in orange. It is very interesting to observe who much people are proud of their heritage. Of course many of them also cheer for Brazil, but there are many Holland fans there!

The City Hall offers a big screen on a specific place for the football fans watch the games, around 400 people get together to watch either Brazil or the Netherlands.

Holambra decorated for the 2014 World Cup 

After today's game I'm sure the city is cheerful!
Mexico played very well, Ochoa was great, but the Netherlands turned ir around and is going to the quarter finals.

Holambra decorated for the 2014 World Cup

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