Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Round of 16 - Results

Everybody agrees that every single game of the Round of 16 was very hard!

All the 16 teams played to win, played with their hearts, loosing wasn't an option.

They all deserve respect and consideration. Football is improving all over the world, we saw teams considered big leaving the competition early and we saw the raise of those considered small. Football is changing!

There is no ordinary team anymore. We are all competitive. So far there were 153 goals in this World Cup, average of 2.73 goals per game.

Congrats to all of you!

Congrats Chile, Uruguay you were brave!
Thank you for fighting so hard Mexico, Algeria, Nigeria!
You guys showed the world football is also well played in Greece, Switzerland and also in the USA (soccer).

Thank You!!!

Costa Rica

Now, beginning on Friday we will have those who survived to the end.

Germany x Algeria

Costa Rica... you are amazing! You fought Italy, England and Uruguay. That's why you are among the best 8 teams.
Colombia, Argentina and Brazil representing South America very well.
Belgium played very very well and deserves to be here.
And of course we have the giants France, Germany and Netherlands.

France x Nigeria

What a World Cup!

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? 

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