Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quarter Finals Amazing Games

Hello dear readers,

Okay... I think I don't have much to talk about.
The news are everywhere and there is little left for me to say.

You all know I'm Brazilian, therefore that result against Germany wasn't very pleasant at all... c'mon! 7 x 1?

Germany celebrates their amazing victory

Dear Germans, you did play very well during the whole WC, you guys were surprisingly friendly with our people, thank you so much! You deserve being in the finals! What a nation! We all admire your country and how much your people are willing to do and be the best.

The end of their dream
The other game was GOOD!

Romero defeats Holland's penalty 

That was a very hard game, both teams played very well... for that reason nobody scored at all, not even in the extra-time... 
The game went to penaltis and there, the Argentinian goalkeeper, Romero, showed us that he really wants their third title to be conquered in Brazil!

Holland disappointed after loosing the game against Argentina

So we have Brazil playing against Holland on Saturday and the great final will be:

Germany x Argentina
on Sunday
at Maracanã
Rio de Janeiro

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