Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brazilian Gemstones

Today I'm here to introduce you to few Brazilian gemstones.

While visiting Brazil you won't believe in what your eyes are seeing... It will be easy to find marvelous gemstones for a nice price.

Here are some images, so you can have an idea...

  • Amethyst 
    • February birthstone
    • Purple color
    • You can find amethysts in a big variety of cities, and local stores, and also as jewelry in jewelry stores. 
  • Paraiba Tourmaline
    • First found in the state of Paraiba, northeast of Brazil
    • Has a blue tone, just like the ocean
    • One of the rarest stones in the world
Paraiba Tourmaline ring with diamonds - Photo by Fernanda Cotrim
Decoration with national stones:

  • Blue agate
  • Toucans made by many different gems

Caminho das Pedras

  •  Loose stones are also a good idea to take home and customize jewelry for you or your wife!

  •  Tree made by tiger eye set on amethyst

  •  Cacatua made by many gems stand on an amethyst

Visit the most famous Brazilian jewelry stores:

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