Thursday, October 17, 2013

Do you wish to look like a local?

Hello dear readers,

Today this post is for those who like to blend in while traveling and look like a local.

Everyone knows that in Brazil it is sunny all year long, the plants are always green and people are always tan. Wait a minute, that's not true about the tan.
During the 2014 World Cup it will be winter in South America and summer in North America and Europe, so you'll probably be tanner than some Brazilians by then.
So this is a plus!

You can check what the weather would be like by clicking here. There is a post only about climate.

So here are some tips... 
What do Brazilians wear on the daily basis?

#1 - The casual clothes for Brazilians are less casual than some other countries, even to go to the mall, grocery store or college. 

#2 - Girls wear tight clothes, not loose T-shirts for example. A typical girl in São Paulo would wear skinny jeans and a nice blouse. Probably a scarf too. Simple and chic. Dresses are also very common.

#3 - Guys would wear nice shirts or t-shirts with jeans. No button shirt with shorts, but t-shirt with shorts are common. Usually the shirts are basic colors, white, black, blue, maybe light pink, they like to wear long sleeves and fold it. Plaid shirts are also very popular. 

#4 - Girls wear long earrings, it's not common to see diamond jewelry on a daily basis or jewelry by the beach.
Gisele Bündchen drinking chimarrão

#5 - Beach wear: don't mind our bikinis, wear what you are comfortable with, but remember to wear a long shirt (women), cover ups or dress on your way to the beach or pool. The guys usually wear shorts or swim trunks larger on the sides. 

#6 - Flip-flops, the most famous ones are Havaianas, you will find stores in many locations, there are many different styles you can choose from. 

#7 - Brazilians don't eat and drink on the go, specially coffee, but we do drink water. On the south, though, you will observe people drinking something similar to hot tea, it's called chimarrão and in other places they drink another variety of these herbs, but cold. 

#8 - When it's cold girls love high heels boots, a nice coat with jeans.

But remember, it's World Cup, so if you want, you can also wear a Brazilian jersey...
Just kidding!!!


  1. Who is the guy in the picture? Is he a actor? He looks familiar and it's annoying me

    1. Hi Roisin, yes, he is a Brazilian actor called Marco Pigossi. Have you seen him before?
      Thank you for visiting my blog!