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Curitiba: Restaurants and more...

Nothing says more about the culture of a place than it's food, correct? So that's why I insist that you come out of your bubble and let yourself go through the flavors of the Brazilian cuisine, even if it has an European influence, because it does. But there are other ingredients that you will only find here.
To beging this post I want to reinforce that I'm writing based on the idea that my readers are coming to Brazil in June / July of 2013 and 2014, and that during these months it's winter in Brazil and especially cold in the South of the country where Curitiba is located. That's why I'm suggesting the foods and restaurants that follow:

Typical food from Paraná:

Barreado: is a slow cooked meet prepared on the day before it will be served, made with cumin, black pepper, garlic, tomato, anion, bacon and few other ingredients. If you take a train trip to Morretes, their barreado is one of the most famous in the state.
The Quintana Café & Restaurante serves an excellent barreado on Wednesdays, always with fresh ingredients. Curitiba, Batel.

Pinhão: is the seed of araucária, tree that is the symbol of the city. It is served cooked or as an ingredient for other dishes such as risotto.

Café Colonial: was introduced in Brazil for the German immigrants, it's a large table set with many different kinds of bread, juices, coffee, jams, fruits, cold cuts and cakes. It is usually served in the afternoon. I've chosen 3 nice places try the café colonial:

- Neuchatel at Batel: the café colonial is served from 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm

- Chez Arnold at Mercês: with fine recipes from Holland, Germany and Austria.

- Coeur Douce at Cristo Rei - from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm

For a hot chocolate after walking through the city...

Café do Paço - located at Centro, it's said to have the best hot chocolate in the city and an amazing pecan pie with wine sauce.

Other options...

Fondue: good option for the cold nights.

- Château de Gazon (Batel) - Besides fondue, you will find delicious European food as well.

Portuguese: Is totally part of the Brazilian culture, besides being very tasteful.

Alma Lusa at Batel for a delicious codfish (bacalhau) in Portuguese Style.

Brazilian Cuisine:

Brasserie Quatro Estações - located at Mabu Royal and Premium Hotel

Cosmopolitan Influence:

 - Forneria Copacabana: There you will find a mix of culture within the decoration, the menu, the ingredients, the music and of course the customers. A very pleasant ambient, with good food.

Bars: You won find any hard to find bars in Curitiba, if you go to Batel, just walk around and find the right one for you and your friends. 

For beers, at Batel you will find two nice places, Clube do Malte and Devassa. For a happy hour with live music go to Aos Democratas or the Guffo Bar. The Aurora Bar & Piadineria is good for the single ones and if you like Jazz, Nu Jazz is also at Batel.

I hope you fell in love with Curitiba, even under a cold weather and if you have a chance, come to see us at summer time.

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