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Belo Horizonte: Traditional Dishes

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Today I will show you why the food from Minas Gerais is one of the Brazilians' favorite and most famous. But first you have to learn the magical words: Comida Mineira.

The traditional Comida Mineira consists of rice, beans, pork, chicken, ribs, collard greens, tutu, farofa. They use fresh local ingredients cooked in iron pans, many times under a coal or wood-fired ovens.  For desert you can try doce de leite, fruits in syrup, puddings and much more, served with white cheese from Minas. 

Here is a list of places where you can try this delicious, flavorful food:

Xapuri: this is one of the best restaurants in the city. The food is prepared with fresh local ingredients in wood-fired oven. Ask the waiter how many people the dish serves, many of them are good for the whole family. The desert buffet has over 30 choices. It's a great place to bring the kids, they can either play at the playground or go for a horseback ride. 
Free wi-fi. 

Dona Lucinha: excellent buffet, they also serve à la carte meal, and colonial coffee. There are many products you can buy from Dona Lucinha's brand, including a recipe book in English, deserts, and an apron. Remember to make reservation. 

Paladino: it's located on a small farm, it's a good place to bring the kids, there's a playground, horses and a lake. They serve Brazilian food (one plate usually serves 4 people) and during the winter you have also the option of fondue. 
You should make reservations by phone (31) 3447.6604  

Fogo de Chão: the best steakhouse of the country. It's a more expensive restaurant, you pay per person, but the place is very comfortable and the food is excellent! To begin you can serve yourself some salad from the buffet and then just wait, the meat won't stop coming to your plate!

As I said before Minas is the biggest coffee producer in Brazil, so you can't leave without stopping for coffee and some other delicious specialties like pão de queijo (cheese bread) and cakes. Check also the post about Brazilian Coffee.

Café Kahlúa: one of the best coffees in BH, they offer national coffee and beans from South America, Central America and South Africa. You can order a piece of the cake of the day to go with your coffee or any other pastries from the menu. It's located at Centro. 

Armazém Dona Lucinha: Located at São Pedro, it is a good place to try pão de queijo, the traditional cheese bread from Minas Gerais. A must-try. You will also find other typical specialties and of course cakes, breads, an excellent place to have breakfast before heading to the stadium.

Belga Brigaderia: Do you know what a brigadeiro is? It's a little ball made of condensed milk and chocolate covered with sprinkles served usually at kid's birthday parties, but everybody loves it. This place is specialized in brigadeiro, they make brigadeiro gourmet with Belgic chocolate, they offer over 40 different flavors, and you can even take home a box full of them. Yum! 

Mercado Central: Visit the Central Market, there you will find cachaça, the Brazilian liquor used to make caipirinha and you will also find fruits in syrup, like fig, guava, orange, peach, papaya and so on. 

So, dear readers... what do you think? What dish would you try for sure? Would you share with us your favorite food from Minas Gerais? Take pictures and send to me, I will add the pictures here on my blog to share your experience with the travelers. Enjoy your trip!

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