Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Note About the Protests

Dear readers,

I would like to say that besides all the protests happening right now in Brazil I am in favor of those who like football and have the right to choose to either be part of this event or not.
Many Brazilians are against the Confederations Cup for politic reasons, but the fact is that the games won't be cancelled, the players and the football fans are here to have fun and enjoy the sport. I would like to keep writing my blog to those who are coming to Brazil in peace, to those who are interested in visiting our country that is so beautiful, home of hard workers, of the friendly people who are always ready to help, ready to make this a better nation, a modern nation of growing economy.
Every country has it's internal issues but the tourists should have the right to enjoy this international event that is so important to the most popular sport in the world.
I really hope we can act as a good host nation and greet you guys from so many nations with respectful behavior and politeness.

Thank you for trusting in us. We are capable of doing much better and I am sorry for the disturbance, for involving you in politic issues that should be solved between us, Brazilian citizens.

I would like to thank a few nations that are always supporting this blog: USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, South Korea, UK, France, Italy, Argentina, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and so many others.

We do want you here to celebrate with us.

You are always welcome!

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