Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Curitiba - Places to Visit

"The city of Curitiba is one of the finest examples of a bulky economic and industrial development carried out with responsibility and organization".

Tha's how fifa.com defines the capital of the state of Paraná in the South of Brazil. 

For you, who is planning to watch the games in Curitiba I can assure that your experience will be amazing. But remember to bring a coat, Curitiba is very cold during the winter, usually it stays between 19C / 66F and 8C / 47F.

Curitiba is the home for many descendants of Europeans that arrived in Brazil in the second half of the 19th century, this city may not be what you are used to hear about Brazil... it may be even better.
There is a lot to see in the city, so while you are not cheering at Arena da Baixada Stadium you can enjoy some of these attractions:

- Linha Turismo: To begin during the day you can go for a 2:30 hours bus tour that takes you to 25 of Curitiba's tourist attraction. With the voucher you are allowed to get on and off the bus four times. Check the website to see all the attractions. Linha Turismo

- Historic Center: The best way is to walk around the historic center, with a map in hands. You can walk to the Rua das Flores, a beautiful street where you can shop and stop for a beer in the evening, Rua 24 horas where you will see the 24-hour clock, you can go to many nice places without wasting time riding a bus or taxi. To get there you can take the Leva e Traz, free vans at your hotel that take you to the restaurants and bars.

- Oscar Niemeyer Museum: Among all the other museums in the city, this should be your option number 1. The museum has a nice architecture, of course signed by Oscar Niemeyer. But that's not all, there are nine rooms of contemporary exhibitions and one room dedicated to the architect. On Sundays you can meet many young locals at the garden in front of the museum. At walk distance you can also visit the Bosque do Papa João Paulo II, it's a park made in 1980 after the Pope John Paul II visited the city, it is about the Polish Immigration in Brazil.

- Botanic Garden: The Botanic Garden is the main destination to those who visit Curitiba, it is known by the beautiful art-noveau style green house inspired by the London's crystal palace, and the geometric garden. In the main green house you will see many species of plants from the Atlantic Forest, the other one is used to researches purposes.
- Museu Ferroviário (Rail Transport Museum): Is a beautiful museum where you can bring the kids.

If you have an extra day in the city take a train trip from Curitiba to Marretes (3 hours) or to Iguaçu Falls (7 hours). Serra Verde Express is an option, and the Great Brazil Express (video) is another. Check the websites and decide which is the best option for you.  

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