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Pantanal wetlands

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Today my post is about this curious place, a wild land with so much to discover, it is word's largest wetland, perfect for birdwatchers and wild life enthusiastic... welcome to Pantanal! 

A vast place with “amazing ecological quality” despite cattle farming and other environmental concerns. National Geographic

In the Pantanal, the jaguars may be evasive, but the capybaras, the hyacinth macaws, the giant anteaters and the ring-tailed coatis will practically pose for you if you approach quietly. The New York Times

Onça Pintada (Jaguar) - Trip Advisor
You are about to visit the best place in South America to spot wild life, so in my opinion you should plan this trip in advance. The dry season, considered by many people the best season to go to Pantanal is between April and September, during this time it is easier to spot the animals and is less muddy. Here is my first advise: Vaccines. It is important to take yellow fever, malaria and tetanus shot before traveling to Pantanal. And bring bug spray!

Alright, now let's see how you can make this trip work. 

by New York Times
If you are in Cuiabá the best way is to take a bus from the bus station and get a hotel (simple and rustic) in one of these cities: Poconé, Cáceres or Barão de Melgaço. Most of the hotels offer breakfast, lunch and dinner included. But if you are not into simple stuff, you have other options such as the SESC Porto Cercado Hotel, or Pousada Pouso Alegre in Poconé.

The best thing is to hire a guide to show you around, they are local people that take you to the coolest places where you can spot the animals. A binocular and a flashlight are also good items to bring besides the camera!

Caiman by Interativa Pantanal
Once you get there, the hotels will offer you tours options, like hike, sunrise view, boat trip, night walk... 

Tuiuiú - Symbol of Pantanal
by Sonia Furtado via Flickr

Check some expeditions before you go:
-  Interativa Pantanal
-  Pantanal Nature
-  Jaguar Ecological Reserve

- Pousada Rio Claro - Poconé
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, free wi-fi, horses, pool, ac.
- SESC Porto Cercado - Poconé
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, horses, pool, playground, ac.
- Araras Eco Lodge - Poconé
Breakfast, luch and dinner, horses, pool, ac.
- Hotel Baiazinha - Cácere (good for fishing)
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, playground, pool, horses.

Dual Survival: Pantanal

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