Friday, May 31, 2013

Since you are in Rio you can also go to...

Rio is well-known by it's natural beauty, but the cities around it are also amazing places to visit. You have the option of visiting some other beaches or going to higher and colder place and enjoying winter the Brazilian way. Check the closest city from Rio you can visit:

(15km) Niterói: is located just on the other side of the bridge. You can go by boat from Praça XV in the center of Rio de Janeiro or you can cross the bridge Rio-Niterói by bus or car. If architecture is your passion you will love the Niemeyer Way, start from the Museum of Contemporary Art and along the way check the many projects created by thes biggest Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

"Curves are the essence of my work because they are the essence of Brazil, pure and simple."
Oscar Niemeyer

(72km) Petrópolis: the city started to be developed after Dom Pedro II, emperor of Brazil, built a vacation home there in 1845, nowadays the home is the beautiful Imperial Museum worth visiting. There are no beaches in Petrópolis and the weather is cooler than in Rio. There you will find many nice restaurants, such as Cocotte Bistro, or Casa do Alemão. Save couple of hours to visit the famous brewery Bohemia which is not only a brewery but also a museum located in a beautiful home from the 19th century, where you will learn about the beverage and have a beer tasting. The Crystal Palace is also a place you can visit to listen live classical music, it was inspired by the Crystal Palace of London. Another option is to visit the  Itaipava brewery, one of the most modern of the country (unlikely Bohemia, this one is not a museum).

(179km) Búzios: If you want to enjoy the beach, Búzios may be the right place for you. Búzios is one of the favorite destinations of Argentinians and Chileans, that's because even during the winter you can still enjoy the sun and the crystal clear ocean. During the day you can visit many beaches around, you can stay in Búzios or go to Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio, in the evening you can walk thought the Rua das Pedras where you will find nice stores to shop for decorations, clothes, and after that enjoy some nice restaurants in the city. There are also many nice new hotels in the city.

(256km) Paraty: Located between Rio and São Paulo this charming historical city is perfect for everyone and to be visited all year long. You will enjoy walking thought its cobblestone paved streets, will you fall in love with itsthe architecture, the restaurants, and the many stores where you can buy crafts, liquors and much more. 
If you have more suggestions please share it with us.

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