Saturday, May 25, 2013

Songs: Ivete Sangalo

When Ivete was the Banda Eva's leader and vocalist, from 1993 to 1998, the band sold more than 3,75 million copies, in 1999 she left the band and since then the success of her solo career only increased, and she became the biggest Brazilian artist. Ivete is the queen of carnival in Bahia, a singer, songwriter, and actress who connects with her fans in a way that no other artist can do. She calls them by their names, meet them after her concerts, she is the most charismatic artists you've ever seen. That's why she became so famous and so loved by Brazilians and her international fans. 

In 2007 Ivete performed at Maracanã to over 50 thousand people to record her DVD "Multishow ao Vivo - Ivete no Maracanã", it was the best seller DVD of 2007 in the whole world, selling more than 600 thousand copies.  Here you can watch her singing Corazón Partío with the renowned Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz.

In 2010 Ivete performed at Madison Square Garden to 15,000 people. On the day after her performance The New York Times published: "She was indefatigable onstage, doing fast samba footwork in high heels through a three-hour set". 
Watch her performance at The Garden:

"Ms. Sangalo strutted through the routines of an arena diva with spirit. Yet after the confetti shower and the big exit — ascending with a bunch of balloons — she came back for another unchoreographed half-hour that was thoroughly Brazilian and the best part of the concert. With her band somehow picking up cues amid the crowd, she vaulted through a half-dozen carnival songs, full of references to the streets and neighborhoods of Bahia’s capital, Salvador, with the whole arena singing along. Even in New York she was playing to a home crowd". (The New York Times)

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