Tuesday, May 14, 2013

☼ Climate

The weather in Brazil is kinda tricky... Brazil is a large country so the temperature varies a lot from north to south. Check the weather before traveling and while you are here. In São Paulo, for example, the weather changes very fast, it can be super hot and super cold on the same day.
June and July are our months of winter... but of course I'm talking about a tropical winter! Not only the temperature matters, but also how humid and how dry some cities are. 
Be aware...

Manaus: June is a pretty hot month, around 32C / 90F and it rains almost every day. July is even hotter, doesn’t rain as often, but when it does, it’s a very strong storm that lasts only few minutes.

Cuiabá: The temperatures can vary between 32C / 90F and 16C / 61F. June and July are usually months with few chances of rain.

Pantanal MT
Curitiba: Curitiba can be very cold between June and July, it can even drop below zero / 32F but usually it stays between 19C / 66F and 8C / 47F.

Porto Alegre: This city is down in the south of Brazil, the temperatures are very low during the winter, considering that Brazil is a tropical country, but there won’t be any snow unless you travel to high places. The temperatures usually stay between 19C / 66F and 10C / 50F, but there’s a possibility to be even colder, close to 5C / 41F.

Foto: Marcelo Curia
Brasília: This is very dry city. It is so dry that they had to make an artificial lake called Lago Paranoa to increase the air humidity. 24C / 75F  and 8C / 46F.

Rio de Janeiro: In Rio you don’t have to worry about weather. It can be super hot during the summer but in June and July you are good to go! Temperature stays around 24C / 75F, and there are low chances of rain.

São Paulo: I would say don’t trust the forecast for São Paulo! You never know... just be prepared. It may seem a beautiful day in the morning but suddenly the temperature drops. Yes, sorry but the opposite may also be true. Usually during the winter the temperature falls between 21C / 70F and 11C / 51F. Low chances of rain.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - São Paulo

Belo Horizonte: The chances of rain are very low and the temperatures vary between 25C / 77F and 13C / 55F. 

Salvador: In Bahia you gotta smile! The temperature is great! Between 26C / 79F and 21C / 70F, but there are chances of rain.

Recife: Winter? No, we don’t know what it means. Temperatures will stay between 28C / 83F and 21C / 70F.

Fortaleza: Soak up the sun! Looks like caribbean, but you are still in Brazil. The temperature will stay between 29C / 85F and 23C / 74F.

Natal: Breath! Natal has the purest air in the American Continent according to NASA. The temperature doesn’t change much during the year, it will stay between 28C / 83F and 21C / 70F all year round. Natal is a windy city and there are chances of rain.

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