Saturday, May 04, 2013

SONGS: Sandy Leah & Seu Jorge

This Saturday I introduce you to Sandy Leah…

Sandy by UOL
This petite woman with an incredible voice started her career when she was just a little girl, for 17 years she sang in duet with her brother and in 2007 they decided to follow different paths, in 2010 she started her solo career.

Her name was chosen after her mom watched Grease, starring Olivia Newton-John. So far Sandy already sold 17 million copies in her entire career, she has sang with many renowned artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Mraz, the British Nerina Pallot, Caetano Veloso, among others. Her father is also a well-known country singer in Brazil. Besides singing, she is a song writer, producer and worked many times in TV and cinema. Sandy is married to a multi-talented Brazilian musician, Lucas Lima. Seems like much for a 30 year old, but not for Sandy! She is going far. If you fell in love with her, as I did, access her web site for more at Sandy Oficial

Sandy & Seu Jorge

Seu Jorge defines himself as a singer and popular songwriter who likes numerous musical genres, in which the basis is samba. "Samba is our truth, our particularity, our gold medal, our fortress, our Brazilian flag". Before starting his solo career he was part of the band Farofa Carioca, which became famous in Rio first, where he is from, then around Brazil and few other countries. Seu Jorge also starred in many movies, but his international fame came after Cidade de Deus, a Brazilian movie known worldwide, that shows the reality in the favelas specially because of the drug cartel. Nowadays Seu Jorge is an icon, representing our culture around the globe with his style and voice that has huskiness and got sensuality.
In the video clip above Sandy invites Seu Jorge to sing her song. I choose this version because this mix of São Paulo and Rio ended up amazing, as you can see, their voices together have the perfect blend!

Seu Jorge & Sandy by Youtube

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