Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rio de Janeiro: Places to Visit

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This week we are talking only about Rio de Janeiro, I have already written about the city, hospitality, restaurants, and today let's talk about places you must visit while in Rio.

I've pointed out few places on the map so let's start with them, but zooming in there is much more! 
 - Ipanema Beach and Leblon: Why? Because Ipanema has a cultural importance on the history of Rio. The famous song 'Girl from Ipanema' was written in a bar across the street from the beach, many other famous musicians started their career there playing samba. Also it is still the beaches where cool people go, also there is a nice bike-path from Leblon to Leme where you can bike and admire the landscape and the cariocas. Besides all that, the beach is beautiful, light sand and blue ocean. In the evening stop by to watch the sunset, cariocas even clap to show how much they appreciate nature.
- Copacabana Beach: There is a real beach life in Copacabana, people walk everyday at the famous black and white sidewalk, drink coconut water, natural juices, play beach volleyball, futevôlei, frescobolbeach soccer, it is fun for everybody, you also spot the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel and the fireworks at New Year's Eve.

- Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer): Did you know you can go up to the Corcovado Mountain close to the statue? Yes, you can. The view from up there is breathtaking, it is one of the most beautiful scenario you will ever see in this planet. Before going up ask the tour guide if the visibility is clear (because they won't say if you don't ask)You can take a train that goes up thought the Tijuca National Park, the largest forest within a city in the world. Once you get there you can go up to the top by escalator or you can take the elevator. 

- Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf): Another amazing place from where you can see the whole city of Rio de Janeiro. To go up there you take a cable car. A truly fun experience. If you are a little more adventurous ask your travel guide about hiking up the Sugar Loaf.

- Lapa: Have you read the post about appetizers? If you go to Lapa, you will listen to live samba music, and bossa nova enjoying those delicious appetizers, beer, and caipirinha. If you don't drink alcohol try the natural juices. You can take a cab and once you are there you can walk to the bars and restaurants.   

- Botanic Garden: It was created by the King of United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves, Dom João VI. It is the biggest Botanic Garden of the country. Usually it takes 1 hour to see everything, just grab a map at the entrance and enjoy it. You won't need a tour guide.

- Santa Teresa: This is a more cultural destination where you can visit museums, buy souvenirs, pieces of art, take many pictures, and go to restaurants. It is a very charming place to visit, the best way to get there is by cab.

- Art Museum (MAR): If you like architecture and arts you can't miss it. The new museum is very beautiful inside and has an astonishing architecture from outside. 

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