Thursday, May 02, 2013

Beer & Draft Beer

Brazilians love beer and for this reason we have many national brands that are worth trying, and in general that’s what you will find over here. On today’s post I named our most famous national brands so you can get familiar... but of course, if you prefer to stay in your bubble you will find many international brands as well.

In Brazil beer corresponds to 90% of all alcoholic drinks and it has everything to do with the climate and to the fact that it is allowed to drink in public.

Before we start I have 3 tips:
TIP1: If you are not a big fan of foam, let the waiter know, in Brazil they will serve beer with lot of foam.
TIP2: The beer comes extremely cold.
TIP 3: Remember to cheer!

Here are our national brands:
Antarctica - light and smooth.
Antarctica draft is one of the Brazilian’s favorite for happy hour.

Brahma - low fermentation, full body, not so bitter.

Bohemia - bitter, but slightly sweet.
Skol - Number 1 in Brazil, this beer is light and smooth.
Itaipava - light color, very tasty and smooth.
Original - This is classic beer, very tradicional. Has a light color and bitter flavor and scent.    
Devassa - the draft comes smooth with a creamy foam.

Dear friends... tell us about your experience in Brazil, did you like our beer?

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