Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beach Culture: Futevôlei

The story of futevôlei is quite interesting, it tells a lot about the Brazilian culture, specially the carioca culture. Carioca is how those born in Rio are called, they were the ones who invented this sport and are the ones who play the most. Futevôlei is present in carioca's daily routine, it has everything to do with their way of life.

In 1965 the police decided to forbid playing football at the beach in Copacabana, so Mr. Otávio de Moraes decided to play it at the volleyball court, with the net, which was allowed. 
Even though it was invented in Rio, cities like Santos, Guarujá, Florianópolis, Recife, Brasilia, and Goiania also enjoy practicing this original sport. Recently futevôlei spread among other countries, such as USA (Florida, California and Virginia), Paraguay, Australia and many countries in Europe.


Usually futevôlei is played with two players on each side, but it can also be played with only one person on each side. Basically futevôlei is a beach volleyball played without using the hands, each team can touch the ball the maximum of three times and the minimum  of one, including when the ball touches the player by chance. Also one player cannot hold the other to reach the ball. The ball can be touched with any part of the body excluding hands, arms and forearm.

Well, of course watching is much more fun than reading, so I included here a video where you can watch people playing this beautiful sport in Rio.

Comparing the balls:
Beach soccer: 68 to 70 cm (same measurement as the regular field ball, but lighter).
Beach volleyball: 65 to 67 cm
Futevôlei: Size 5, is water proof and some brands have the FIFA Aproved quality mark.

Have you played or watched futevôlei before? Tell us what you think.

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