Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Porto Alegre - Things to do

What to do in Porto Alegre? There are many nice things and many attractions there, here I posted just a few. If you have some more suggestions, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Mercado Público
Because tourists love to go shopping! With its beautiful neoclassical architecture, the public market was built in 1869. There you will find cafés, crafts, restaurants, many stores, fruits and local products. Don't leave the city without making a stop there.  

Mercado Público by Viajar pelo Mundo
Santander Cultural
The Santader Cultural is located near the Public Market. Just the architecture is already worth the visit, but there is more. Music presentations, arts, photography exhibitions, are one of the attractions. There is also a cinema and a café.

Santander Cultural by Panoramio
Science and Technology Museum - website
"Life is more fascinating than you can imagine" this is a must-go. Very interactive, there over 700 experiments to interact both kids and adults.

Science and Technology Museum by Repensando Museus
Sunset at the Gasômetro
The surrounds of the former power station is the best place to watch the sunset in Porto Alegre. Located by the Guaíba River, the building was delivered in 1928 and generated electricity to the city until 1954. It's chimney is 117 meters hight. Nowadays, the cultural centre hosts many plays, dance presentations, arts exhibitions and more. It is also one of the most beautiful places for a bike ride.
Usina do Gasômetro by portoalegretche.blogspot
Parcão or Paque dos Moinhos de Vento
Moinhos de Vento in Portuguese means windmills, there are several of them in the park . This calm park is surrounded by trees where you join yoga at 8 am, or just enjoy it at anytime! While there, you can have some fun shopping and walking through Avenida Goethe and Padre Chagas or at Moinhos de Vento Mall, a very cool neighborhood.

Moinhos de Vento by Wikipedia
Parque da Redenção
The favorite of the locals. They enjoy going during the day to have their traditional hot herbal tea, chimarrão, and to relax, to watch people,  appreciate arts and crafts or to buy organic food from the local farmers' market. 

Parque da Redenção by Revista Viajar

Dear readers, I wish I could stay here all day posting about Porto Alegre… in the next few days I will show you other nice places you can visit in this beautiful state. See you!

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