Saturday, May 31, 2014

APPS: Don't Miss the Games' Highlights!

Hey everyone? How are you doing?

There are few days left for the World Cup, so I selected some nice apps that will give you the games' updates in case you miss them.
I am a big fan of apps, so this post is for me as well! haha  

Here they are:

  • Fifa Official App: You can select up to 3 of your favorite national teams on World Match Centre and follow the updates about them, and also read other news about soccer in general.
  • ESPN FC Soccer and World Cup: For iOS 7 - videos, highlights, news, opinion about the 2014 World Cup and more
  • ESPN Sport Centre: This app is for any sport, but you can select your favorite sports and teams and receive pop up news. 
  • USA World Cup 2014: Follow the US team, game dates and results.

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